Monday, February 28, 2011

The Most Read Geography Comic Book for American Kids

Over 190,000 Sold!
The average American adult could identify less than 6 of 10 U.S. states on a map.… This book can change that forever!

"One of 25 outstanding new graphic novels for kids."
- School Library Journal

Dinosaurs Across America
Interactive eBook Now Available on PC & iPad!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

KooBits Brings Interactive Ebooks To PCs As Well As iPad

Phil Yeh's Dinosaurs Across America helps children learn U.S. geography with comics

Singapore (26 January 2011) – With a plethora of tablet PCs about to be released, 2011 is turning into the year of the tablet - and content providers are preparing to slug it out on these nifty devices. Interactive ebook creator KooBits is now challenging established ebook sellers with an interactive reincarnation of famed cartoonist Phil Yeh's popular comic, Dinosaurs Across America.

Taking advantage of the largely non-chronological nature of the original bestseller, which has sold 190,000 copies to date, KooBits has created Dinosaurs Across America with an innovative angle. In addition to a flip-through story mode, users can explore the book using a jigsaw of the United States map. Placing the states in their right places brings users to pages containing Phil Yeh's witty illustrations of dinosaurs sharing nuggets of American history trivia. A cultured female voice pronouncing each state and amusing sound effects complete the ebook's educational yet fun content.

What really makes Dinosaurs Across America stand out from most other interactive ebooks, however, is that it's developed for PCs as well as the iPad. The ebook can be purchased and read in KooBits 4.0, KooBits' free ebook reader and organizer app, and synced with up to three devices - including tablets running Windows. The ebook's iPad app, as well as KooBits 4.0 for Mac, will be released in coming weeks.

KooBits CEO Stanley Han describes Dinosaurs Across America as an incredible learning experience for the startup. "Phil Yeh and the publishers shared their insights with us - the purpose of the book, how it would appeal to children - we learned what really makes a book. And our goal is to make such interactive ebooks truly cross-platform, not just for iPhones but even for the most common computer." The company will be targeting the children's book market, armed with a custom template for enhancing ebooks and more titles in the works.

Dinosaurs Across America can now be purchased for US$9.99 in the KooBits 4.0 Bookstore and on, where KooBits 4.0 can also be downloaded for free.


About KooBits Pte Ltd

KooBits is a software company specializing in interactive ebook publishing. Its ebook reader software, KooBits 4.0, has been downloaded over 15,000 times since January 2011. KooBits has partnered with leading physical book distributors worldwide such as Tien Wah Press and Papercutz, as well as independent authors, to produce enhanced ebooks that are easily accessible to computer users. In addition to KooBits 4.0, the company offers a full-featured ebook editor that allows consumers to create their own interactive ebooks.

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